Beautiful World

I do my best not to forget the smallest things in life
That can influence writing, things that give
In abundance
To follow the Frank O’Hara way of living,
Appreciate what keeps on giving
In this small world of ours;

I like

Shapes of leaves, clouds, salt granules,
Snowflakes, tittles, minute-hands, paracetamol,

Cracks in plates and mugs and bowls,
Lexical choices made in dishwasher manuals,

Specks of starlight on iron black skies,
Freckles and hairs on powder thighs,

Ferocious weeds splitting concrete,
Flattened gum and cigarette butts on hidden back streets,

Background extras miming speech,
Empty crab shells on a beach,

Chewed up aglets, frayed knots and string,
Because there’s god damn beauty in everything.