Poetry Archive

Nesbit and Gibley often find themselves with an abundance of fluidity to their tongue. When they can remember what they’ve muttered over the last pint of ale or stout, they’ll note it down on a coaster and after some time, compile it to poetry for the whole world to read.

Please find below the entirety of our poetry from the blog – updated (somewhat) regularly!

September 2017
Mostly Unremarkable

August 2017
Cat Stevens

July 2017
A Mood Struck
A Visit To The Old House

June 2017
You Never The Truly Lonely
Art by Accident
Below, Above

May 2017
After Effect
An Outing
To Cut Down An Aged Thing
With The Earthworms
To Eat
The Inaccessible Beauty
For The Postcards

April 2017
Through The Sash Windows
Goodbye Willow
Wild Garlic
Sand and Silt
The Wasps Are Back
Our Personal Lighthouse
How To Cook
This Morning
Comfortably Human

March 2017
Of Mars and Milkmen
Harboured Thoughts

After Hours

Due Payments

And Then The World Split In Two

February 2017
Joseph Pues
Our Place
The Man Who Waits

January 2017
For Their Capacity
Off The Radar
The Bruise from the Blemish
Like Fleeting Foxes
Another Day
Old Number
The Morning Metronome

December 2016
The Call of the Poet
Rest Break
How I Know

November 2016
We’ve Only Fleeting Minutes
To Lighten The Load of Her Heavy Mind
By The Fountains
Tree of Life
Melodic Memory
At Dusk

October 2016
Underneath The Stars
She Will Be
In Our Measure
If You Worry
After The Storm
The Best Falafel

September 2016
The Start
The Horror
Gravity Girl
The Breathing City
Water Words
Alley Air Appetiser
Visiting Bill
We Are Fragile Things
With Us
The Anglerfish

August 2016
Briefly Transported
Vacuuming After Midnight
The Rise, The Fall, The Rise
The Rabbit
The Performers
The Crickets
When The Felbriggs Won The Lottery
In Mass
Let’s Dance It Out Tonight
The Poets’ Walk
Photo Album

July 2016
The Kid
Mr Watanabe
Come Home, Little Dogs
Her and I
The Writer Inside
Gentleman of Nature

June 2016
Where The Astronaut Sleeps
Patterns in the Wood Grain
Trophy Thought
Shaving in a Budapest Train Station Bathroom
The Laundromat Fugue State
Hold Your Breath
My Little One
Sausages for the Foxes
Save The Girl

May 2016
The Romantic Remedy
On Sunday Nights
In This Life
I’m Not Made For This Heat
The Spice of Life
Beautiful World
The Cheetahs and the Snails
Surface Breaking
Don’t You Know
The Hollow Man
Reasons to Run

April 2016
The Literature Anteater
We Were Different

March 2016
The Bible Slugger
My Father, The Pigeon
Hearing Aid
Green Seams
Under, Over
The Anarchist Reader
Red Rex
When You Wanted To Fly
Effigy Ale
Green Ink
He’s The Hero Ornaments Deserve 
For Starters
Mind of Malt
Adagio of Comfort
At The Core
Eternal Return
We Don’t Go Home
Plimsolls on Cobblestones
Literary Crimes
Coffee and Kerosene

February 2016
Lights Out
When The Man Comes Around
The Cabin Writer
The Old Man’s Anchor
I Would Rather Be Like Sea Kelp
The Sagan Perspective
The Dancing Mime 
The Memory Garden
The Bait
The Tenant
Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner
Nature’s Tenor
To The Stars Above
Up The Gene Tree

January 2016
Kenya Dawns With Grace
The Wolf Howls
Symphony for the Office Worker
Welsh Cakes
The Writersmith
The Lunch Break

October 2015
Writing Breathes
The Unfavourable Side 

September 2015
Be Bold
The Blind Poet
That Red Balloon Smile
Your Mouth is Sewn When You Try To Speak

August 2015
The Boss