One Great Day

A huge thank you to the flurry of recent followers and their surge of kind comments. Discover WordPress shared our piece We Are Fragile Things yesterday and it’s been non-stop lovely feedback since. It means so much to hear the poem was enjoyed and shared by so many.

If you like what you’ve seen, whether you’re new to the whole Nesbit and Gibley experience or a seasoned veteran, there’ll be an announcement in the next few days detailing a little project in the works – hopefully something you’ll find exciting!

Thank you all so much, it’s an absolute pleasure knowing people have taken the time to explore the site, read the various pieces of prose and poetry, as well as letting us know they’ve enjoyed it. It’s been one great day!

Until the next one,

Nesbley and Gibbit

5 thoughts on “One Great Day

      1. Could you please give my blogs a read if you are interested..!? I’m very new at this.. it’ll mean a lot to me if you could kindly give me your feedbacks and suggestions.. thank you.. 😊

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