Nesbit and Gibley Go On Holiday!

Well, not really.

Life has come up and it’s time for a break. Unfortunately, it means we’re going to be absent for a while. However, part of the reason is because we’re entering a writing competition, hoping to win and get published. It requires 100% of our attention and while we (honestly!) stand a very low chance of winning, we won’t be posting for some time, at least until we hear the results.

We will be reposting some of our old writing onto Ello, to keep it the account alive. If you’re not on Ello, join us! The writing community is great – very welcoming and friendly.

Best of luck to everyone who is taking part in NaPoWriMo. We look forward to catching up with our followers and their new pieces soon.

On a final note, if you aren’t already familiar with these writers, please indulge in some of our favourites below. We’re sure they won’t mind us mentioning them but it’s a real treat to find their poems on the Reader. This bunch really do inspire us in our craft along with the many other great writers on WordPress.

All the best,

Nesley and Gibbet.


I Am Rising Hawk – for rustic, real and refreshing poetry, hardened and loud.

The Blighter’s Rock – for brilliant writing laced with sweetness and romance, poetry that should start your mornings.

Elusive Trope – for poetry that truly and simply speaks from the heart, using every ounce of the English language.

Method Two Madness – for both poetry and paintings, colourful and full of life!

Dean J Baker – for poetry that really holds your attention and grabs you by the scruff with magnetic magnitude.

Tumericjane – for poetry and prose peppered with vivid imagery and well crafted fluidity.

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